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Islamic Sustainable Finance and Investment Dialogue

What represents a blueprint for advancing the transition to a low-carbon economy via effective stakeholder collaboration, regulation, resource allocation, positioning and product innovation in the Omani financial services sector? What are the implications for the Islamic sustainable financial services sector of the introduction of various regulatory taxonomies, frameworks and standards? How will new bond and Sukuk regulations, as part of the executive regulations to the Securities Law, accommodate and facilitate sustainable finance in Oman? What are current tax and operational cost incentive frameworks for the development of Islamic sustainable finance and investment products in Oman? Are they effective, and what more can be done? The juxtaposition facing the GCC: funding the hydrocarbon sector, while simultaneously developing a thriving green and…

Oman’s Opportunity in Alternative Finance: Shariah Compliant Marketplace Financing and Digital Initiatives

Evaluating opportunities for crowdfunding in Oman, with nine current providers and potential amendments to crowdfunding legislation. Unique to Oman: new opportunities for private equity and venture capital players in the crowdfunding ecosystem. Implications and reach of the proposed new digital and virtual assets regulatory framework. Building a digital marketplace and ecosystem: tokenization, ICOs, regulation and Shariah principles. Potential developments for standalone Islamic digital banks in Oman. Moderator: Dr Muhammad Suhail Rizwan, Assistant Professor and Team Head: FinTech Professional Certificate, College of Banking and Financial Studies, Oman Panelists: Kemal Rizadi Arbi, Expert/Advisor, Capital Market Authority, Sultanate of Oman Khalid Howladar, Chairman, MRHB DeFi Dr Khalid Tahhan, Co-founder, Easy Coins Mayan Al Asfoor, Country Manager, Beehive Oman Saleh Al-Tamami, Co-Founder and CEO, Mamun

Building Oman as a Regional Centre for Islamic Structured Finance and Capital Markets

The reach and implications of new regulations for the issuance of bonds and Sukuk on products and markets. Discussing the potential issuance of a treasury Sukuk and how it would benefit the Omani Islamic capital market. Examining the Towell Infrastructure Projects syndicated Wakalah, and what the structure means for the Islamic finance market in Oman. Developing the Islamic equity capital market in Oman, and capitalizing on recent domestic IPO activity. How will new bond and Sukuk regulations accommodate and facilitate sustainable finance? Restructurings and refinancings in the Sultanate — the role of the Islamic capital market. Moderator: Luma Saqqaf, CEO, Ajyal Sustainability Consulting Panelists: Mohamad Noranuar Sajari, Head of Shariah Structuring, Bank Nizwa Suad Al Balushi, AGM – Head of…

Driving the Development of Shariah Compliant Direct Investment and Fund & Asset Management in Oman

Building on the success of Shariah compliant real estate investment funds and trusts domiciled in Oman, as well as direct investment into real estate assets in the Sultanate. Opportunities for regional Shariah compliant funds domiciled in Oman: equity, Sukuk and private equity funds. Private equity and venture capital investment — framework enhancements, cross-border and foreign direct investment opportunities. Changes to fund regulatory frameworks resulting from the executive regulations to the Securities Law, and implications for various fund structures. Exploring the potential for the application of Waqf to Islamic funds in Oman. The prospects for Islamic sustainable investing in the Sultanate. Moderator: Mike Tirman, Partner, Ice Miller Panelists: Anand Raghavendran, Head of Asset Management, BankDhofar Hassan Ali Ansari, CFO, Takaful Oman…

Case Study: Pearl REIF – Oman’s Largest Shariah compliant Real Estate Investment Fund

Kumail Ali Moosa, Senior Specialist, Fund and Portfolio Management, Sohar International Bank

Omani Islamic Financial Services: A Successful Strategy for Building Momentum

Reviewing the 10-year journey of formalized Islamic finance in Oman and navigating the coming years through the strategic development of the Omani Islamic financial services ecosystem. The role of Islamic finance in the development of the private sector in Oman. Key market developments: remunerative deposit accounts, a potential treasury Sukuk and the introduction of Wakalah money market liquidity management tools. Key regulatory issues: the treatment of Islamic banks after mergers with conventional institutions, and the Shariah governance framework and audit guidelines. An overview of new regulations for the issuance of bonds and Sukuk in Oman. The year of endowment: how Waqf can be further applied to Islamic financial services in Oman. Moderator: Farmida Bi, Chair, Europe, Middle East and Asia,…

Keynote Address

Ahmed Ali Al Maamari, Executive Vice-President, Capital Market Authority, Sultanate of Oman

The Next Step: The Strategic Development of Islamic Social and Sustainable Finance

The nexus of UK Islamic finance and the path to COP28 — what role should the UK government and financial institutions be playing? How do we further encourage UK Islamic financial institutions to develop Shariah compliant social and sustainable products, including mortgages? Adopting climate risk ratings and external review — what more can companies and financial institutions do to measure climate risk, while developing credible strategies to mitigate such risks? What is UK Islamic finance’s role in innovative initiatives such as the global market for voluntary carbon credits? With carbon credits being recognized as Halal, what financial structures could fossil fuel-dependent OIC countries use to raise financing? How do thriving sectors such as the European hydrogen market secure access to…

Positioning the UK as a Leader in Ethical and Shariah Compliant Asset and Investment Management

Does the UK still enjoy a competitive advantage in the facilitation of ethically and socially responsible investment management? Where and how do faith-based investment solutions play a role in today’s UK market? What are recent innovations in Islamic investment products based on assets such as gold, and what potential do such innovations offer? What is the continuing role of Shariah compliant fintech in the development of investment management solutions? How will the development of fully Shariah compliant ISAs [individual savings accounts] influence the UK investment management sector? How do systematic tilts in portfolio allocation as a result of Shariah screens affect how ESG integration is approached? How are UK investors encouraging portfolio companies to consider and manage long-term climate-related risk…

Blueprint for the Future: An Ecosystem for the Successful Development and Distribution of Islamic Financial Services

How will the design, development and distribution of digital Islamic financial services continue to evolve in the near term? How important are regulatory frameworks in creating an environment for the enhancement of the financial services sector’s digital infrastructure? How can digital Islamic financial offerings be effectively scaled, and how is technology helping deliver financial products to underserved and untapped segments such as the young, SMEs and B2B markets? Finally, is a new, technology-driven banking model based on simpler, customer-centric services a reality? We ask a respected panel. Moderator: Vineeta Tan, Managing Editor and Director, Islamic Finance news Panelists: Areeb Siddiqui, Founder and CEO, Kestrl Lawrence Oliver, Executive Director, Deputy CEO, DDCAP Group Rafiza Ghazali, Director, Digital Banking, KAF Investment Bank…

Shariah Compliant Direct Investment, Real Estate, Private Equity and Alternative Assets — Cross-Border Opportunities

The UK as an investment destination for Shariah compliant direct investment – an update of active sectors and activities. What is the continued role and scale of Shariah compliant real estate assets in the UK? How do we position the UK as a center for originating alternative asset classes, and what opportunities are on offer? Structuring co-investments between domestic UK investors with international Shariah compliant investors — the potential for real estate and direct investment transactions. Building on the success of the Battersea redevelopment: structuring deals that incorporate elements of real estate, capital markets and cross-border investment. With Tawarruq enjoying a privileged tax position for cross-border UK investment, is it now a funding structure of choice? Moderator: Mike Tirman, Partner,…

Bespoke Tailoring in the UK — Developing Innovative Islamic Structured Finance Solutions

The UK achieved several firsts, including the first Sukuk issuance backed by an export credit agency. What was the legacy of this transaction for UK Islamic financial services? How can the UK fully leverage on its reputation for innovative structured financial products and services and cement its position as an arranging center for international Shariah compliant transactions? Assessing the potential for Shariah compliant securitization in the UK market — identifying suitable underlying assets and employing innovative structures. Does the UK regulatory and tax environment still require modification for Islamic capital markets and structured finance activities? Can structures such as Tawarruq and Wakalah be further deployed in Shariah compliant capital-raising? Examining further innovation in Shariah compliant structured products and where they…

UK Islamic Finance’s Comparative Advantage — Developing Financial Architecture to Ensure Continued Competitiveness

How do we collectively ensure the continued development of UK financial architecture as a platform for the creation and support of new Islamic financial services and Halal economy-focused businesses? How does the UK build on its competitiveness as a global Islamic finance hub and a center for regulatory and legislative developments for Islamic fintech? How can Islamic finance in the UK help develop public/private sector funding for SMEs, start-ups and early-stage businesses? How do we encourage the expansion of core Islamic retail financial services, including extending savings options, pension and Takaful solutions, and student financing schemes? Would UK Islamic finance benefit from the development of specific alternative finance legislation, and if so, what form would this take? Would the sector…

Keynote Address

Lord Johnson, Minister of State, Department for Business and Trade

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Investment Outlook and Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Moderator: Cassim Docrat – Director, DDCAP DIFC Panelists: Dr Gholamreza Mesbahi Moghaddam – President, Shariah Council, Securities & Exchange Organization of Iran Love Yadav – Group Managing Director, Amana Capital, Sri Lanka Todd Schubert – Managing Director, Fixed Income Research, Bank of Singapore

Opportunities for Oman: The Next Stage of Development for Islamic Banking, Capital Markets and Takaful

Through a select group of senior market participants, we review recent developments in Omani Islamic banking, finance, Takaful and investment and ask if expectations have been matched, exceeded or otherwise. We examine industry consolidation and assess the efficacy of various operational models for Islamic banks — stand-alone and windows — while at the same time examining pressing issues such as liquidity management as part of the Sultanate’s Islamic Banking Regulatory Framework. We also discuss what a deposit insurance scheme would look like in Oman and assess what can be learned from other Islamic finance centers that have successfully implemented such schemes. Moderator: Jawad Ali, Managing Partner – ME Offices, King & Spalding Panelists: Ahmed Al Mamari, Vice-President, Insurance Sector, Capital Market Authority, Sultanate…

Presentation: A Regulatory & Tax Framework Review in Key European Markets

Ashraf Ammar - Senior Manager, Deloitte   [embeddoc url=""]

Managing Risk and Rating Implications

Leading capital markets and investment management professionals discuss the lessons learned so far from the Dana Gas event and ask if Malaysia is immune to such an occurrence. We also examine the effectiveness of credit enhancement measures in the local fixed income market and discuss the associated rating implications. Moderator: Khalid Howladar – Managing Director and Founder, Acreditus Panelists: Azlin Ahmad – Senior Associate, Herbert Smith Freehills Mohamed Damak – Global Head of Islamic Finance, S&P Global Ratings Mohsin Shaik Sehu Mohammed – Head of Investment Banking and Capital Markets, Maisarah Islamic Banking Services, Bank Dhofar Simon Chen – Vice-President - Senior Analyst, Financial Institutions Group, Moody’s Investors Service 

Outlook and Opportunities for Islamic Investments

Where is the market today for Islamic investments? Which sectors will growth originate? Does the industry need to become more aligned to ESG/SRI? How are institutional investors tackling ESG risks in their portfolios? Through an engaging panel we seek answers. Moderator: Ariff Sultan, Regional Director (APAC), IdealRatings Panelists: Arwani Pranajaya, Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia Fadlul Imansyah, Head of Fixed Income, Principal Asset Management Dr Hurriyah El Islamy, Executive Board Member, Badan Pengelola Keuangan Haji (BPKH) John Welling, Associate Director, Global Equity Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices Roslan Ahmad, Chief Representative, DDGI

Alternative Financing: Standing Out from The Crowd

In a reaction to the restrictions of the traditional banking sector, recent years have seen the rapid rise of 'alternative financing' - comprising a surprisingly wide range of models including equity funding/factoring, micro lending, peer-to-peer lending and of course the poster child, crowdfunding.  Especially appropriate for small businesses seeking to obtain diversification and efficiency in their fundraising activities, entrepreneurs and investors have increasingly developed new options using technology, creativity and relationship-building to assemble options above and beyond the standard bank financing model. In this innovative session, IFN looks beyond crowdfunding to discuss the expanding opportunities in alternative financing that are opening up the world for SMEs - and how the Islamic market can take advantage of them for its own progress…

Panel Session: Prospects for Green and SRI Sukuk and Corporate Waqf in Asia

Are there opportunities for green Sukuk and SRI Sukuk? Will there be a shift towards the use of renewable energy, environmental assets and other intangible assets in Asian Sukuk and bond transactions? What guidelines and regulations are currently in place to drive this? Emergence of CSR Sukuk by way of Waqf Capital mobilization: How will Islamic finance facilitate the mobilization of Waqf funds? Moderator: Salman Ahmed – Partner, Head of Islamic Finance MENA, Trowers & Hamlins Panelists: Edward Gustely – Managing Director, Penida Capital Advisors, Indonesia Madzlan Mohamad Hussain – Partner, ZICOlaw Nik Norishky Thani – Senior Vice President & Head for Special Projects (Islamic), Group Chief Executive’s Office, Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) Dr Shamsiah Abdul Karim – Waqf Scholar

Leading Institutions Discuss Funding and Capital-Raising Options

We examine funding in key sectors, projects and industries and ask what represents effective corporate finance and capital-raising strategies across multiproduct areas and markets. What do corporates want and what can Islamic finance offer? How can the Indonesian GLC sector further employ and benefit from Islamic funding options? We ask a high-level panel to share their expertise and views. Moderator: Vineeta Tan, Managing Editor, Islamic Finance News Panelists: Firman Nur Rahman, Financial Services Authority, Indonesia Irwan Abdalloh, Head of Islamic Capital Market Division, Indonesia Stock Exchange Prashant Gokarn, CEO, DigiAsia Bios Shaiful Kamarul, Senior Country Manager, Indonesia, Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit Simon Chen, Vice-President – Senior Analyst, Financial Institutions Group, Moody’s Investors Service

Infrastructure & Project Finance: Weighing the Options and Investment Opportunities in Asia

Outlook for key sectors and asset classes across Asia: Maritime, aviation, healthcare and energy Infrastructure deals: Where is the capital coming from and where is it flowing to? Assessing Indonesia’s infrastructure needs and opportunities for financing and investment Cross border financing: Challenges in executing cross border project Sukuk Moderator : Noor Meurling — Partner, Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee Singapore Panelists : Edward Gustely — Managing Director, Penida Capital Advisors, Indonesia Salman Ahmed — Partner, Trowers & Hamlins Suminto Sastrosuwito — Director of Islamic Financing, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia Wahyu Trenggono — Director, Indonesia Bond Pricing Agency

Case Study: Pearl REIF – Oman’s Largest Shariah compliant Real Estate Investment Fund

Kumail Ali Moosa, Senior Specialist, Fund and Portfolio Management, Sohar International Bank

Welcome Remarks

Lord Mayor Charles Bowman

IFN CIS OnAir Roadshow 2022

Enlarging the Footprint of Islamic Financial Services in the CIS Region With several CIS countries developing Islamic finance infrastructure and capacity, what is a realistic assessment of regional Shariah compliant banking, finance, and investment, and what role are important multi-laterals such as the IsDB playing in this expansion? How are regulatory frameworks and legal codes being developed and implemented in key jurisdictions, and how does this grow the adoption of Islamic financial services? What further steps could be taken to enhance the region’s investment links with major Islamic finance centres? Is Islamic finance in a unique position to extend funding to the vital, yet underbanked SME sector in the CIS, and what measures will be necessary for this to become…

Sovereign, Multilateral and Supranational Issuers and the Islamic Market

We ask a leading panel for their views on sovereign and multilateral agency issuance and ask what Islamic funding facilities can offer governments, development banks and supranational organizations. What are these issuers looking for in terms of pricing, tenor, structure and distribution? Moderator: Abdulkader Thomas, CEO, SHAPE Knowledge Services Panelists: Angus Amran, Treasurer and Head, Financial Markets, RHB Investment Bank Ayaz Ismail, Director – Wholesale Banking, CIMB Islamic Delvin Chong, Senior Vice President, Treasury and Capital Markets, Cagamas Lee Wan Mone, Executive Director, International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation Nazzi Beck, Head – Islamic Banking, Asia, FAB Siraj

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Opening Panel Session: Developing Kuwait as an Islamic Investment Center

Structure of the capital markets in Kuwait and comparison with other markets Key drivers for sustainable growth of Kuwait's Islamic investment industry Significance of recent financial reform to potential Islamic investors Scope of the new laws on Islamic finance initiatives within Kuwait Discussing an industry-wide strategy required to encourage inward investments Moderator: Jawad Ali - Managing Partner, Middle East Offices, King & Spalding Panelists: Abdul Aziz Al-Yaqout - Regional Managing Partner, DLA Piper Ahmed Fayed AlGebali - Director & Global Head, Islamic Financial Services, Islamic Development Bank Emad Al Monayea - Board Director & Chief Executive Officer, KFH Investment Co., Kuwait Issam Al Tawari - Chairman & Managing Director, Rasameel Structured Finance Company, Kuwait

Shariah Compliant Sectors and Asset Classes on the Rise

Agriculture investments: Where are we likely to see the most growth in the coming year? Investing in the current negative interest rate environment: What it means for risks and investment going forward How should investment strategy in oil & gas change in light of recent events? Will we see a significant shift towards the use of renewable energy, environmental assets and other intangible assets? Investing in aviation and other transportation modes as an asset class Recent trends in investing in real assets How will Basel III regulations affect global markets and investment strategy? Moderator: Monem Salam – President, Saturna Malaysia Panelists: Alka Banerjee – Managing Director, Strategy and Global Equity Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices, USA Cassim Docrat – Director,…

Luncheon Address by Edward T S Wong

Edward T S Wong - Chief Financial Officer, Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB)

Trade Finance in Africa: Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges

Trade Finance in Africa: Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges  Recent trends and opportunities in the development on trade finance in Africa What are the constraints in meeting the demands of trade finance in Africa and how will multilateral support assist in this? What is the outlook for bank-intermediated trade finance in Africa and will the development of Islamic finance in Africa help in promoting this? Opportunities for the development of Shariah compliant trade finance platforms and activities Moderator: Cassim Docrat – Director, DDCAP(DIFC), UAE Panelists: Boubkeur Ajdir – Director of Projects, IFAAS Nabil Marc Abdul Massih – Chief Executive Officer, INOKS Capital Stefan Nellatamby – Director, Financial Sector Development, African Development Bank Yazan Al Nasser – Chief Products Officer, Tawreeq Holdings

Presentation : Opportunities in Shariah-compliant Trade Finance

Nabil Marc Abdul Massih — CEO, INOKS Capital  

Education and Leadership in Islamic Finance

The Islamic finance industry’s projected growth continues to outpace the development of talent the industry crucially needs. Who is responsible for bridging the gap and how will it be fixed? Moderator : Professor Siraj Sait — Director of the Center for Islamic Finance, Law and Communities (CIFLAC), University of East London Panelists : Adnan Alias — CEO, IBFIM Badlisyah Abdul Ghani — President, Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals, Former CEO, CIMB Islamic Bank Yuslam Fauzi — Dean of Syariah Finance Academy, Mandiri University, Former President Director, Bank Syariah Mandiri

Keynote Address

Dr Syed Sohail Hussain Naqvi — Vice Chancellor, Lahore University of Management Sciences

Deal Dialogue: 45 Park Place

Moderator: Lauren McAughtry — Group Managing Editor, REDmoney Group, the UK Panelists: Adam Malik Azlan — Managing Director, Conglomerates and Institutions, Maybank Investment Bank Amro Nahas — Head of Real Estate Investment, MASIC, Saudi Arabia Mona Dajani — Partner, Baker McKenzie Sharif El-Gamal — Chairman and CEO, Soho Properties

Welcome Addresses

H.E. Abdullah Salim Al-Salmi — Executive President, Capital Market Authority  

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Islamic Sustainable Finance and Investment Dialogue

What represents a blueprint for advancing the transition to a low-carbon economy via effective stakeholder collaboration, regulation, resource allocation, positioning and product innovation in the Omani financial services sector? What are the implications for the Islamic sustainable financial services sector of the introduction of various regulatory taxonomies, frameworks and standards? How will new bond and Sukuk regulations, as part of the executive regulations to the Securities Law, accommodate and facilitate sustainable finance in Oman? What are current tax and operational cost incentive frameworks for the development of Islamic sustainable finance and investment products in Oman? Are they effective, and what more can be done? The juxtaposition facing the GCC: funding the hydrocarbon sector, while simultaneously developing a thriving green and…

Islamic Investments and Funds in Asia: Developing Growth in Key Sectors and New Asset Classes

Investment experts and advisors offer their perspectives on potential growth sectors in the Islamic investment universe. Which classes and sectors will deliver and what is hindering the development of others? How will Asia compete with the UK and the GCC in the Shariah compliant real estate space? Closing the gap between high demand and low supply of Islamic wealth management products Can the development of Waqf serve as a catalyst for driving growth in Islamic wealth management? Is the Islamic investment industry going into regulatory overdrive or is more regulation actually necessary? Improving the distribution of Islamic funds by using passporting options Which elements are crucial when choosing the right fund domicile or investment vehicle? Panelists: Bishr Shiblaq - Head,…

Presentation – What Initiatives Exist to Develop Talent and Human Capital in the Islamic Finance Services

Dr Amat Taap Manshor - Chief Executive Officer, Finance Accreditation Agency, Malaysia   [embeddoc url=""]

Investors Roundtable: Shifting Trends and Winning Strategies

Outlook for offshore Sukuk and offshore Islamic funds: New markets, new players The case for government-linked investments and infrastructure funds: Outlook for Asian PPPs Islamic private equity and venture capital funds: What infrastructure is necessary for Asia to catch up to the Middle East? What is inhibiting the growth of Islamic ETFs and index-linked investments? Moderator: Noripah Kamso - Former Advisor, CIMB Islamic, Malaysia Panelists: Ahmad Nazim Abdul Rahman - Group Chief Executive Officer, Pelaburan Mara, Malaysia Alka Banerjee - Managing Director of Global Equity & Strategy, S&P Dow Jones Indices, USA Mahdzir Othman - Chief Executive Officer, i-VCap Management, Malaysia Mushthaq Ahmad Ibrahim - Chief Executive Officer, KFH Asset Management, Malaysia Ritjana Ceveli - Managing Director of Asset Management…

Investment Titans: The Islamic Investment Strategy: A Five Year Plan

Global Islamic investment leaders are asked to share their views on what Asian investors can expect from the Islamic investment environment in the next five years. Which investment vehicles are expected to thrive and which would have run their course? Are forays into emerging markets worth the risk and how should these be assessed? How are fund managers adapting their strategy to prevailing political and economic conditions in Asia? Panelists: Maznah Mahbob - Chief Executive Officer, AmInvest, Malaysia Nicholas Kaiser - Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Saturna Capital, USA Nor Rejina Rahim — Country Head — Malaysia, Nomura Asset Management Sandeep Singh - Country Head - Malaysia & Chief Executive Officer, Franklin Templeton GSC Asset Management

Enabling Growth: Resolving Key Regulatory, Risk and Shariah Issues Facing the Industry

Can new regulations actually address the higher cost of Islamic finance transactions? Tradability of Sukuk: The question of Shariah compliance Addressing the management of risks and provision of liquidity to Islamic finance institutions Evolving from a risk transfer to a risk sharing model in the Basel III environment: Are current products staying true to the risk sharing model? Raising capital in accordance with Basel III and other regulations: The challenge for financial institutions The pan Asian Sukuk debate : Discussing opposing viewpoints on Shariah compliance Legal and tax considerations in advancing Islamic finance— what emerging concerns must be addressed today Panelists: Andri Aidham Badri - Partner, Kadir Andri & Partners, Malaysia Mohd Nazri Chik - General Manager & Head of…

IFN Asia Issuers Roundtable

We invite the region’s most successful issuers to discuss key trends, features and success factors of their most prominent deals. Why did they choose to raise funds Islamically? What drove the success of the issuances and what made these deals unique? In hindsight, what would these issuers have done differently? Cagamas RM4.2 billion Sukuk Commodity Murabahah Khazanah Nasional SG$600 million convertible Sukuk FWU Group US$100 million Sukuk Wakalah Panelists: Mohd Izani Ghani - Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer, Khazanah Nasional, Malaysia Rafiza Ghazali - Chief Financial Officer, Cagamas, Malaysia Sohail Jaffer - Deputy CEO, FWU Global Takaful Solutions, United Arab Emirates

Sukuk and the Asian Islamic Capital Market: The Challenge to Innovate

The call to innovate has been consistently echoed by industry players with the lack of market depth and breadth and its reliance on replicating conventional products often blamed for the innovation deficiency. Is it time for the Islamic finance industry to transform its business model? Is there truly customer demand for innovative Islamic finance products? Addressing the over-reliance on Sukuk: What else is out there? Connecting Shariah compliance with real innovation Will Basel III requirements drive innovative structuring? Building the infrastructure to support large scale, cross border and multi-jurisdictional deals New and innovative offerings and asset classes in the pipeline Panelists: Alhami Mohd Abdan - Head, International Finance & Capital Market, OCBC Al-Amin Bank, Malaysia Issam Al Tawari - Chairman…

Launch of Islamic Banking Intelligence: The First Comprehensive Global Islamic Banking Database and Analytical Business Intelligence Dashboard

Marjan Naseri - Senior Islamic Banking Expert, Innovation & Development Corp   [embeddoc url=""]

Launch of Islamic Banking Intelligence: The First Comprehensive Global Islamic Banking Database and Analytical Business Intelligence Dashboard

Omid Torabi - Managing Director, Innovation & Development Corp   [embeddoc url=""]

Presentation: Will Innovation in Islamic Finance Require a New Business Model?

Jawad Ali - Managing Partner, Middle East Offices, King & Spalding, United Arab Emirates

Asian Regulatory Roundtable: Driving Growth through Effective Regulatory Environments

Central to the success of Asia’s Sukuk markets are the tireless efforts made by Asian regulators in building enabling regulatory frameworks and promoting governance. As the Islamic finance marketplace evolves so must the standards that govern the industry. What strides have regulators of aspiring Islamic investment destinations made in promoting Islamic finance transactions? What synergies exist between the various Asian Islamic economies and what can be done to strengthen ties? Anticipated impact of regulatory changes in the coming year in the Asian Islamic finance landscape Assessing the introduction of Shariah standards frameworks in Malaysia and the likely impact on capital markets issues Is the setting up of a global Shariah board a viable solution to solving Shariah issues? Is it…

Keynote Address by Khaled Mohammed Al-Aboodi

Khaled Mohammed Al-Aboodi - Chief Executive Officer, Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector, IDB Group

Industry Titans Roundtable: Islamic Finance 2015

We ask global Islamic finance thought leaders to share their vision of what the Islamic finance landscape will look like in 2015. Which markets are likely to lead and which sectors will flourish. What challenges lie ahead for Asia to stay in the game and what needs to happen now to achieve this vision? Moderator: Mohammad Faiz Azmi - Executive Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Malaysia Panelists: Badlisyah Abdul Ghani - Chief Executive Officer, CIMB Islamic Mohammad Kamran Wajid - Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Financial Services & Emirates NBD Capital, United Arab Emirates Rafe Haneef — Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Amanah, Malaysia Wasim Akhtar Saifi — Global Head of Islamic Banking, Consumer Banking & Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Saadiq, Malaysia